Thorpe, Derbyshire

Thorpe is a small picturesque village on the approach to Dovedale from Ashbourne.

Thorpe was originally a Danish settlement from the 9th Century and is mentioned in the Doomsday Book. A "thorpe" being a farm or hamlet in Danish.

The Church, St Leonard's dates is predominantly Norman with some Saxon items. By the South porch one can see places where arrows were sharpened in the 14th Century when by law every Englishman had to carry out archery practice after church on a Sunday.

Overshadowing the village is the 1,000 ft high limestone hill called "Thorpe Cloud", which with Bunster Hill stands sentinel either side of the entrance to Dovedale. Out of interest the word "cloud" has its roots in the old English word - "clud" meaning large rock or hill. A pity really - as "Thorpe Cloud" sounds as if it should have a more romantic meaning than "The hill by the Danish farm"! This aside - the views from the top of Thorpe Cloud are spectacular - and it's not difficult to climb - just a 20 minute walk from the entrance of Dove Dale.

Here a a few photos of the place, if anybody has anything to add - please let me know.

(I've kept the pics small to speed up viewing, if anybody wants a 640 x 480 one, email me and I'll email it back)

Panorama of the area

137 Kb

Thorpe from top of Thorp Cloud
13 Kb

Pretty wall
23 Kb


Old village pump house
27 Kb

Manor House
23 Kb

St Leonard
27 Kb

Old wall by church
28 Kb

View of Thorpe Cloud
22 Kb

St Leonards
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Green Cottages
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