Tissington is situated about 4 miles north of Ashbourne. Its claim to fame are its beauty, its age and its well dressings. Tissington Hall lies at the center of the village, and has been the home of the FitzHerbert family for over 500 years. The current hall is not quite that old and only dates back 400 years. (The Hall is still the family home and is now open to the public on certain days in the summer).

Each Ascension Day a number of water wells in the village are decorated with flowers as part of the annual "Well Dressings". Although now a Christian event, this ceremony probably has its roots in Roman offerings to their gods - or even to more pagan ceremonies by the Ancient Britons.

The Tissington Trail

The Tissington Trail is a scenic 13 mile bridleway/cycle track/walking trail that runs from Ashbourne to Parsley Hay. At Parsley Hay it joins the High Peak Trail. Both trails were originally part of the Buxton to Ashbourne railway line built by the LNWR in 1899 and operated until 1967. The Asbourne end starts at Mappleton Lane. Bicycles may be hired at Mappleton and at various other points (April to October). Specialist bikes for the not so abled are available, as are cycle trailers for children, etc.

The trail is quite gently sloping, from Parsley Hay down to Asbourne, in fact cycling North from Ashbourne, you don't really notice it, but when you come back - you can freewheel for much of the way - wheeeeee!

The Well Dressings

Here are the wells themselves - the photographs are copyright of - and courtesy of The Ashbourne News Telegraph.

To see a large version of the photo - just click on the image. (The full size ones are about 150 k in size each)

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The Childrens Well

The Coffin Well

The Hall Well

The Hands Well

The Town Well

 The Yew Well

For a much more detailed history etc. have a look at the Sheffield University Site .

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